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Author Ors_II
Tags action author:ors_ii featured playable rated
Created 2012-09-30
Last Modified 2012-09-30
by 22 people.
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Description This is a fun AGD map.

This map was featured on 2013-01-26

Ever played a laser map where you were literally a split frame or two off from dying and you get that amazing feeling that you just defied death, or game physics? No? Well, you can here. The bottom part of this map starts off rather quickly if you just jump into it. Dodge the lasers, get up, etc. Maneuvering yourself through this can be either irritating or fast-paced and fun, depending on whether or not you're fast enough. I'm not going to spoil the rest of the map, however. Just play it, it's fun. — Sunset

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pretty boring

not appealing at all, too

fastest agd

even managed to beat eddy.
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here is a 4th or 5th try one, the tiles make for fun movement.
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blew away my progress on N, I stopped enjoying improving speed type maps... such as this.
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It´s SRB2.

Just finished a match map.

9 match maps left for map pack,
10 CTF maps left,
5-10 race maps left,
at least 15 single player maps left.

That means I must do at least 40 maps with my friends for that mod.

out of curiosity,

what other game? just curioius :P

I think you've

over sold the laser aspect of this map. They were like no trouble at all to deal with.


It´s hard to belive I have a featured map. I´ve been here just 5 months. Sorry, but I haven´t very much time to be on NUMA because I´m making a map pack in another game. But when it´s finished I´ll back to NUMA.


is a good map.
suggestion: can we add a point on featured maps in the faq?

Fun map

so true about the near-deaths!!!

No offense, but i dont think this is feature worthy though. Just a normal fun map. 3.5/5^


Not the fastest, but close enough.
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AGD is impossible

i get that feeling that i am defying game physics every time i open the beta because they changed the game physics and now i am playing in butter






well deserved


Still improvable. Fun map :D
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This it's a good map my friend!


Very much improvable.
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Nice domo.

Even my AGD has not so big score.

cool map

heaps of routes and pretty fun, though at some parts i found it kind of slow, still cool 3.5/5
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