Strange Ways

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Author script
Tags action author:script contesque featured moa-accepted rated strange-ways
Created 2012-09-30
Last Modified 2013-01-17
by 8 people.
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Description I put a dollar in my pocket and I threw it away.

Why can't we just release all the MOA maps as they are, without ordering them? Was the site not set up so that would be easy?

This map was featured on 2015-01-26

i long for you(you who are more than you know)
my love i show in strange ways--i know no other ways--my heart came alive when you were
(alone without me)on your own,i called out
and you came
love(my love)i long for you

we(you and me and me and you and me)will stay this way together--no longer spread apart against the sky--me and you,and you will be my only
with(strange ways)you and me will be

(i long for you)you who are more than you know


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great selection.

Got better with each highscoring attempt. I'm quite pleased with this AGD.
Demo Data

Great AGD

Actually fun rather than frustrating.


This is an unnoticed really well-made map and with tons of personallity. Bravo! Keep mapping.


I liked the symmetry.
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...Speed Run...

...ill rate and feedback later after this dinner im about to receive. i can tell you now that its a 5/5 though...
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