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Author Aidiera
Tags author:aidiera retile unrated
Created 2012-10-01
Last Modified 2012-10-01
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Description This is me giving up on retiles. Original: []

PS: I'll judge the jailbreak entries ASAP.

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Zolith Highland Interstate 178 wayside Abderus to breakroom


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The ending part felt all rushed and panicky, in this first time I went down there.
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i accidentally just pressed the report abuse button on one of your posts. please don't kill me...
I don't even remember that map, but I'm glad people are enjoying it!

I think my name on N/NReality is lower case because I'm signed in using all lowercase. :)




Slightly slow and strange.
Good rePtile, multiple routes and interesting jumps. Return to this one day. Thanks. Saved.
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Also I shall judge too
and send results ASAP


Without having played all the Mail real entries, I dare to bet on who will be the winners. Pheidippides, romaniac, mrgy05, Rousseau, thereisaspoon or Pizzles... Place your bets!


Thanks! I'll play in a bit.