22-4: Crybones

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Author deep_blue
Tags author:deep_blue episode map spookshow unrated
Created 2012-10-07
Last Modified 2012-10-07
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Description spookshow submission also.

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thanks, i love doign tile art :D i'm glad you like them
Otherwise, the map works wonderfully. Gold is positioned nicely. Tileset is beautiful, also.


I actually believe I got the inspiration for this from your eerie but gorgeous maps.

oh man

this is awesome

i gotta get to work on my own

haha, thanks

i dont really pay much attention to the home page lately so i didn't notice im thinking of making an entry for it though


nevermind. it's totally okay. I'm actually happy that you're curious what it is :D

oh wait

never mind, i just realised how stupid my question was, i thought that there was a seperate home page for the spookshow thing. sorry, sometimes i dont think properly and i look really really dumb.

ah ok

where is the home page? hmm, i have a feeling that this question is going to have a really obviouse answer

oh man..

I guess it's really hard.. And I hoped to get something at this numacon :/ red, spookshow is theme for this halloween numacon, check the home page


whats this spookshow thing?

i agree with lsudny

perfect way to describe this. one of the best tile-sets i have ever seen. your tile-sets never cease to impress me. though i cant finish the level.
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thought so. it's just that every piece of second counts there
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lsudny :D
This is, like, the best tileset of the year.