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Author APulse
Tags author:apulse featured spookshow unrated
Created 2012-10-07
Last Modified 2012-10-07
Map Data

Description haven't made a map like this in a while

This map was featured on 2013-03-22

Are you afraid?
You sure are.
Everyone is afraid of him.
He is unseen to everyone.
He knows everyone.
This cat, this grinning cat.
Fear his maw.
You will never escape his maw.

This map has some of the best tiles I have ever seen, combined with great gameplay elements. Plus, it is a challenge for everyone who dares to enter his maw. — Meanapple

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And beaten. Love the map!
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Beat Mohit's first run.
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Its r_t

(that ryhmes)


Blah blah blah blah blah. Aidiera blah, and the little chick cheep.


Blah blah blah.

Sometimes people feature maps early or late. Get over it. It happens.


Yeah just right now would stayed for long, but no 12 hours ago when this review was posted. In fact, palemoon's featured only stayed 10-12 hours in front page.
review felt incomplete for me, but that's fine :p


astheoceansblue :(

improved sr

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5 from me
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You jerk. :(


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Jeremoon, seriously, you MUST to wait at least 18-24 hours to the previous review at yours stay at the home page. You have only like 5 reviews posted and you have done that of posting at the wrong time three or four times. On this occasion you have not allowed even stay the previous 10 hours in the page. You should be more respectful to these things.

Under 600

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haha yeah

what a coincidence
Congrats man! Right at a time when you are active :D
very nicely put together.


#2 oh yeah
proof-read by leonidas


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thanks guys

grats on 3rd!

this map is great!

congrats on 3rd place! :D

what palemoon said. faved

hey man

i havent really played any of your maps before, but i saw this on the spookshow listing, and i think this is awesome! good use of trapdoors, too. They are underused in my opinion.

Those tiles are amazing. Can't get over them.


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All Gold Demo Dumb Death. ;_;

great tiles, I also liked the gameplay. have a 5!
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