Sharp's Maw

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy playable rated
Created 2012-10-10
Last Modified 2012-10-10
by 5 people.
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Description It's pretty difficult, but not as hard as it looks. Tests your ability to judge momentum and trajectory.

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This is surprisingly linear, like down to jump-by-jump basis almost.
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Has a nice flowy bounce
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A demo

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Good execution.

... is the hardest form of a demo on this map No Gold Demo lol is actually pretty fuckin hard to get...
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The parts I did play, though, were exceptional.



...i love to dodge mines they are my favorite type of map...

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no wonder i couldn't get it. Everytime i read that, in my head it goes bar-bra-jal (the ja part being like the ja in Jacques) haha...

Thanks for the link though

massive fail

haha. can't play much more but based on a quick play i like this a lot. Actually quite different to mine in that you gotta consider your jumps more carefully and don't have the rush of the gausses. Triangles were a nice stylistic touch too
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yeah that's the one. Dude I think I got the idea from a part of a mystery collab-authors map that i think was probably losttortuga's and maybe was even inspired by that triangle map i think was Baraba (how do you actually spell his user? i couldnt find the map). Didn't take it as ripped off don't worry.


pretty much similar to the concept of my next map.. fuuuuuuu!!

Wow, this one? []; Jesus, I completely fucking missed this map and it looks just like it. I was just playing through Baraba's maps but it looks like I ripped off both of you.