A Graveyard Exploration

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Author lfaber
Tags author:lfaber fun graveyard rated speedrun spookshow
Created 2012-10-12
Last Modified 2012-10-12
by 8 people.
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Description A fun map for HallowCON. Enjoy.

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grats on 4th!

the trip into the tunnels was not as tense or exciting as i expected, not a lot going on in them (besides the tile squeezes getting me killed several times due to not expecting them D:)


Little things like the tile squeeze pissed me off. 3


Great map. Not much to remark on it otherwise.
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Demo Data

it looks nice,

but there were some things I disliked. I had some problems with getting that one gold clump in one motion. otherwise, this is pretty cool!

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thumbnail looks juicy. I'll taste this in a moment.