Searchlight Sector

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Tags author:palemoon curfew searchlightsector unrated
Created 2012-10-16
Last Modified 2012-10-22
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Description Sometimes after curfew, they say, you can see fairies and sprites flitting about in the neon lights of the city.

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yeah I feel you. no top doors in this demo, yet it's not really as much faster as I thought it would be.
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i figured it would be possible to get in the top area without the doors, but i put them anyway in case somebody wanted an easier path

I agree with pheidi, I love your titles. fun map, I enjoyed the optional door (even though I didn't go for it in this demo)
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searchlight sector, laserlightlove, twelve-speed trance warning, tonebreaker, prettymaze... It's enviable.

It's alright, haha.

Had a hunch it wasn't sarcastic.

Also this map is strangely addicting to play as a race for the first few parts... Really strange, yet really intriguing.