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Author mistaken72
Tags author:mistaken72 dda playable rated
Created 2012-10-17
Last Modified 2012-10-17
by 12 people.
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Description It's about sending a message.

12 rockets, and a little surprise at 1000 frames. 8 surprises, rather.

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The lasers weren't utilized all that well, and all the best parts were at the beginning. 3


fbf, as if i would have it any other way.
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I see many things.


would wacht again
Probably one of the best open-style DDAs i've ever seen. Good job, solid 5 from me.

really good, but it moved a little too fast for me, i much prefer slower DDAs. still good though.

palemoon is right

Maybe the first route is therefore useless :(
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(Sorry for the spam!)
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To show that this isn't just fluke :P
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I believe this is the fastest route to the exit switch.
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Great to see another DDA from you. We need to collab one in the future. :)


I missed you!



DDAs are the same

the same way action maps are all the same

i mean they're not the same at all really


I'm not laughing at you, friend, calm down.
I was just saying that not all DDAS are equal, and that statement made ​​me laugh. You really think they are the same?
...but they use very similiar techniques such as rocket dodges, launch pads or trap door gimmickry which gets really boring after a few times.


Good job at laughing at me without further explanation. You became really rude, boy.
Although I don't think either that this, or the large proportion of DDAs, should be featured but only in the sense that there isn't anything hugely innovative about most of them. Don't get me wrong they're fantastic, but unless you've got something like Clifty's On Route 666 or romaniac's 'The Chaser's War' at the ready which really blow the genre's roof, there is nothing that truly makes them stand out above the rest. I think this was what Chrdmann was saying, despite it being rather unclear.

Having said that, this was a great DDA, no doubt. Good DDAs are always great to watch ^^
Not agree, sorry.


Of course, this is interesting to watch but I don't know about featuring DDA's. They are all the same somehow.


A future featured map.






...epic! 5/5...