58-4: Oooutriiiiiiiiiight!!!!

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe rated uap
Created 2012-10-18
Last Modified 2012-10-18
by 6 people.
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Description Forty-Fifth Bean,
A Ded Map to OutrightOJ to be the best Speedrunner in all tables now.

A slightly edited version and a bit harder from one of My Vehemence 4 Maps. []

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~A challenge~

~And if you notice. The quotes on my map are specific. There is one for each set of ten maps. Maps ~10~ ~20~ and ~30~ have a quote in the description and that's where its from.~


I do appreciate the feature + the demos on my map, thank you! Would you like to colab sometime?


Fastest ;)
Bean collected, and very fun challenge :D
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And they are detailed.

... i know it isnt FBF it is a really good demo though!! and you dont have a demo on Nreality that i know of i just submitted mine and its the only one there...
I've absolutely no association with it; never used it, never will. In all honesty, I don't even know how it works o_o The demo was only the second time I got that route, the first was by fluke and I died - it took some time to finally get that smooth a run of it without making any errors just because it had to be so precise. It's on NReality aswell, yeah.
just check nreality boards, me i cant just right now


...outright! wtf that demo was nutz im pretty sure you did it FBF though...
Xerces is totally right, this was very technically challenging given the sparsity of the playing area; everything was placed so perilously that it relied on you having to be ridiculously precise, which was a nice change. Being a bit of an aesthetics whore these days my only suggestion for improvement would have been if you'd added some stylistic tiles around the sides or the bottom of the map so that it didn't look so empty, but not so much that it destroyed the purposely sparse feel of the map - it just seemed a little too bare during gameplay to me.

Needless to say I enjoyed the challenge, and thanks a lot for DEDing it to me - you clearly know what suits me very well :P

Here's my thanks via AGD -
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I just re-added the rocket so it appears in front of the thwumps.


...much faster...
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...holy shit, this map should win the award for looking the simplest and being just the opposite :P it was very fun and technical, i Njoyed this a lot for sure!...

...embarrassingly slow BCD...

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