59-0: Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe rated uap
Created 2012-10-20
Last Modified 2012-10-20
by 14 people.
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Description Forty-Sixth Bean,

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I have come to the conclusion that the past few years on NUMA were fantastic. Especially when you commented on my maps back in January of 2011. While today, everybody is too stuck up to give a simple comment saying good map and all that, myself included. This is why my mapping is slower that it ever was. I used to say that "we should map for ourselves and not care what anybody has to say", but alas, times have changed. I jut wanted to ay thank you for all the stuff you've done for me, like collaborating, IRC'ing, commenting and all that jazz. I wish that the community were like the way it was originally, but too much damage has been done and it's not easy to fix. Thanks for being a great friend free of bias ans self-promotion.
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in a chmurka



Improvable. Didn't see any demos first, but I supose this is what romaniac did. Very fun map :D Bean collected.
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and edit how much you want.
Here is the half of one of my tilesets.
Design the other side! []

awesome map

slooow completion :D
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faster speedrun too.
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kickass jump at the start, not sure if the end is the best way.
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Last demo

was broken. Hope this works.
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Good job here

Much fun to play. Already voted yesterday. ;)
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Would have the fastest AGD if I didn't fail so hard in the end.
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...nice demos nexx! i will go after them tomorrow though...
In that case, revise my sentence to read: "Though the gold bothers the hell out of me, since it's stacked."

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Fun map!

Though the gold bothers the hell out of me, since it's not worth it. But the rest of the map is fun and interesting!

Cracked 500:
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...faster speed run...
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i got your maps for the DED Collection map-pack. really good!


i loved this. the everything seemed to work well and with each other. i managed to get a pretty decent run. 5/5

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This was a fun map to make.
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Would have prefered if you couldnt get through the one ways but other than that great map. 5/5


...knocking those frames off - AGD...

...sorry for the quad post man hope you dont mind...
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...faster AGD but it could still be wayyy faster...
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...damn! soo fast on this one...
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...satans 666 death demo- i think this route is going to be faster idk...

...awesome map though zoas i really like how hard it gets at the end...

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nice map

good work!
and yes, zoas, I have played the games you recommended! They were hella fun!


I love you!!
What a crazy run man!!


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1111.. Actually this run it was at the playtesting stage, not improved yet.
Many thanks lfaber! Have you played the games that I recommended you?
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extremely fun

Good work, guys.
1300 frames! BEAN COLLECTED!
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