59-1: Gemit rosias, precius bat none

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe rated uap
Created 2012-10-23
Last Modified 2012-10-23
by 10 people.
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Description Forty-Seventh Bean,
This time a simple one at the end of a column.

I also thank greatly to everyone the feedback and the enjoyment on my previous map.

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Bean collected. Fun map :D
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Sorry, i've thought you was going to submit the collab. My mistake.

Submitted ^^

Sure sure

nice map btw.


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i suck at n

so this is probably the best speedrun i will get...
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i loved this. my BCD is really slow, but ill try to improve it. have a 5 for a cool concept!
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ahhh...i see

well still cant wait to see it
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A nice, minimalistic map.
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oh sorry my friend,

my next map will not be my 300th, I have an error like many of us in the map count of two maps. So that's mean my 300th will be the 302 in that map count, ie I have only episodic maps here, so it must be the 59-4 the 300th.. ;)

hey just realised

that your next level will be your 300th on your zoasBE account. cant wait to see what it is. ill play this map soon, i cant at the moment because im using my shitty school laptop which is really slow.


Finally. Got it on NReality. Took around 50 tries!
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...thanks zoas, it wasnt too hard but it took a few tries for sure :P- here is a faster BCD too but could be faster im sure...
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wow Xerces,

That's the real speedrun! ;)
I was sure that was possible, I tried many times, never got it. Bravo!


...the real speed run :P...
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I'll start on the "Hard Column" maps tomorrow for your pack tomorrow. I've been busy lately and was going to do it this weekend, but as I said, I've been busy.

yeah i fooled around with it a bit and got it to work.

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