Devil Remembers My Name

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy best-spookshow-entry featured number-one playable rated spookshow
Created 2012-10-23
Last Modified 2012-10-24
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description Happy Halloween!

This map was featured on 2012-10-31

On darkest night with fullest moon,
The hallowed haunts descending soon.
Come sprites, come ghouls, come evil things,
All come, come all on fiery wings.

Let's play amongst the living folks,
Bring pranks and tricks, bring spooks and jokes.
Each witch will scream, all pixies dance,
This eve will give us one last chance.

Go out, go out, your deaths are done,
The time is now to have some fun.
Our time, but short, will be enjoyed,
If sun should come we'll be destroyed.


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I actually quite like the border; simple as it is, it blends very well with the skull. The only thing about it, though, is that it, in my opinion, somehow gives the map a desert feel.

oh right

i forgot this place sucked

Did any of you

even read the rules?

"...and the winner will get their submission featured on Halloween."


It's like - really good!
also: fap fap ferox!!


I missed ONE gold, but it's pretty fast.
Great map, and very fun
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on numacon... but a feature too? kinda weird.


...gratz on the feature!...

...any luck with that tileset you were gonna make for me? ive started mapping agian so, ill definitely use em!...

congrats on 1st place! :D


Spookshow winner


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...faster AGD...
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ps that is clearly frank the most evil bunny


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...yeah i really liked that tile that looked like and "S" and thought that you could probably make a nice sublime tileset with the style of that "S"
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...faster AGD...
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god the ascent was insane. going down i was wondering why the gauss was where it was because it was ineffective but christ. 5aved.
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I want that t-shirt!


Would look great on a t-shirt
or all the judges will masturbate and this will be the top one.

This was fun.

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...I agree with everything positive that everyone else already said... is a super slow completion- its actually kinda hard to get back up lol...
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but I think the outside parts could have been worked better, it feels lacking in atmosphere, a bit too empty maybe... too plain a border?



Looking at it in a global set, with upper and lower teeth is impressive.

i think

the skull has an incredible amount of detail already
If they were more detailed lose its essence, like this it is more cartoon-esque and carefree, to me pretty neat and clean.

Pretty awesome.

Played great, gold placement was very nice, and that one drone is damn cute. Bottom gauss worked well.
Tiles are pretty good, too; though a little more detail on the skull would have been nice.

Wow, great map. 4.5^aved.