59-2: No, no erech trechientose mapeo

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe uap unrated
Created 2012-10-23
Last Modified 2012-10-23
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Description Forty-Eighth Bean,
A little full-screen, but after all, it is not very difficult and long.

EDIT: Oh sorry, forgot to say, took the doors/bounce combo idea from efaber..

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did you play the maps i sent to you from the much love metanet series.
im not trying to be impatient, im just wondering :)
I'm not meaning to be cold or heartless when just typing "AGD." and submitting my comment. It's just rare that I find the surplus of energy to actually form an opinion of a map and writing that down.
Most likely, I will play the map and then discard the memory of me playing it instantly after playing it, because I've got so much other stuff going on for my brain to be filled up with N. Therefore I rarely make comments with actual substance or value.

So don't think I don't like your maps! In fact, me playing one of your maps and having the tenacity to actually make an AGD is proof that your map is awesome. Otherwise I'd move on to something more interesting!

I hope this clears up things for you - N is just not as big a part of my life as it is of yours, so obviously there will be some misunderstandings along the way.

P.S. I generally love your maps. You are very creative!

funny map indeed


Pro: Drone paths
Con: Gause placement

Overall, good map
Demo Data

hey zoas

could you play test this map?
Its my 600th and I would like to hear from you if there´s something to make it better

get on IRC MAN!

then I can tell you how it's going!!!


it's as cool as a unicorn. thanks for the work :D I'll definitely use this. and man, you've already done so much for me, it really irks me that I don't pay you back as much.


Bean collected. Fun map :D
Demo Data


Here you go, edited the post. Have fun :P []

Map looked

strange, so I decided to make it even more strange.
Hell, let´s put some time in this, it could have very awesome mechanics. []
<zoas> you need a demo?
<lfaber> and what would these other things be?
<lfaber> nah, i'm good.
<zoas> fuck you then
Demo Data


sweet layout

it looked like too much, but it was fun!