Helena Beat

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Author Pheidippides
Tags action author:pheidippides playable ppii rated
Created 2012-10-24
Last Modified 2012-10-24
by 13 people.
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Description Because all the cool kids like Yahoozy and PALEMOON are submitting maps right now. Part of something I've been working on.

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Very slick

I like it!

Awesome tiles!

I like the drone and the missile turret.

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gameplay was also pretty cool. I agree with frets that the locked door was a cool thing. I felt the one drone was unnecessary, however. (it would have worked with the chaingun)


...first try AGD...
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super fun map though. one of those ones that makes you just want to push the limits.
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i started at the beginning, saw an impossible-looking fall and two bounceblocks and instincts told me what to do :D. This game's so cool. Also, neat pathing with the drones and doors at the bottom. faved yo
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I really love the right side of this one, personally.


reminds me of good old days


cool kid???

all right!!!


...and i hope you understand my comment in the best way my FRIEND...


...speed run...

...and jeeze zoas did you have a bad day? lol hes allowed to say that, maybe those two are his favorite mappers?...anyways if you feel like youre not cool then im sorry, but you are cool zoas so why party poop?...
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...foster the people! i love that band!...

pretty cool!

The locked door was really interesting. how it was totally possible going for the exit key first but it ended up about the same because of not being able to go straight through. Liked that a lot.
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Hope you understand my comment in the best way my friend.


Very classist your description no?, sorry Pheidi but is not appropriate and do not like it.