16-1 Carefull, You May Get Ncapitated

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Author R3D_N1NJ4
Tags 2 author:r3d_n1nj4 bluepretzel ded episodic featured rated series
Created 2012-10-24
Last Modified 2013-12-03
by 8 people.
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Description a DED to BluePretzel for giving me inspiration on making tile-sets and rating/commenting/playing some of my maps. thanks bro, this one's to you. hope you like it.

This map was featured on 2013-01-10

This super quirky, super addicting map is one of the most strangely fun maps I have played in a while. The tiles make you feel like you're skillfully maneuvering a twisted, floating countryside with upside-down trees and floating houses. The slyly placed enemies provide a surprisingly nice challenge to refocus you from all that fun you're having jumping around. So player, be careful: distraction is the enemy. You might be seemingly safe, getting all that really nice gold, and then BAM!... you may get Ncapitated.

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Hahaha, awesome.

Congrats on your first feature, Red; well-deserved, might I say ;)

So incredibly rusty

Terrible AGD

Also congratz r3d, I haven't been here since you started posting, and you already have 150 maps. This one plays quite well!
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the title derived from Blue_Pretzels comic series.
thanks for the awesome review lfaber. and a special thanks to everyone guys have made these 5 and a half months so awesome!

Awesome map.

And a first feature! Yay!
I always knew you would get one soon :D


I have been waiting for a feature from you

why lfaber your taste in maps Is exquisite


I mean r3d






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my comment is removed


You have made maps here only half year and your map is featured. Congrats!
Featuring maps like this keep the community involved making maps. Nice choice and cool review.

Sincere congratulations RedNinja!! ;)
Failed when trying AGD. and... Do you think I have missed some maps in this week?

hey thanks guys

glad you enjoyed it
faved for later

Casual AGD

Very cool! Reminds me of this [].
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now that i know its possible, it can be a little secret


...haha yes! i was pretty sure you were trying to make that mine wall impossible to get over, but that is a pretty cool jump to get over huh- i had a lot of fun with it...


i didnt even know about that. pretty cool.


...speed run!...
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... is an awesome cheat :P...
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this is a really disgraceful agd from me. i just wanted to show you a route.
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