59-3: Spacilungo dere daka, tukoino

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe cosmicreverse rated uap
Created 2012-10-24
Last Modified 2012-10-24
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description Forty-Ninth Bean,
My version to lsudny competition,
I tried even put a Bean here and involve with my /almost finished/ column.

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no problem man :)

You have been a great friend so far, and I thank you!

I'll get on irc now :D

k I am back

wow it's 5:00 exactly, just like I said O.O
I'm ready for irc p&p later. I want to et this thing over with..

yeah lol

I'm pretty tired too.

Also you have been working very hard...
I have made a little something for you, and I'll reveal it once we finish P&P. Its pretty cool, imo. Also there is something else as a gift to you for your kind help :D Remind me to show you

its k

good night


you can do the other 2 if you want. Oh yeah and I am still on irc, if you want to finish up :D
And I have a new mission:


Lets try to finish P&P tonight or tommorrow!! Jerry can not pass me up! LOL

part 2 :D

17-No offense to Mohit_Ghune, but this map doesn't fit as much as I want. However, I want him to have his feature. It is good enough. Keep
18-This one is tough! It is trial-and-error, but this is a definite keep in the puzzle section. Keep
19-I think this is perfect right now. Keep
20-Even better. Love the edits. Keep
21-Good choice as a lastKeep
So yeah, I wasn't able to see your opinion on the revise/removes because I think you put the wrong numbers.

The new map was slightly inspired by Marsoar, although I had the idea before him, it is pretty common. I love your edits!
I love the title, but what do you mean by "quasi"? Numbers?

Your cubicles map is awesome, its like a VODKALOVER! Personally, I have a different idea. We should make 5 maps in total, and number them Cubicles! Version 1! and Cubicles! Version 2! Or, maybe Cubicles 1 and Cubicles 2.
This could fill up some more maps, and I think the -quel stuff would get annoying and confusing. If you don't mind, ill make a couple more, and we can insert them in the pack like maybe every 5?

I had been aiming for about 25 maps. Once we revise, and add the cubicles, and maybe change some maps, I think we will reach our limit. 30-32 is nice, although I personally think that we should stick to a solid, base number like 25, so we can aim for quality and not quantity.

All in all, I REAAAAAAAALLY appreciate your help. Like I said, expect a reward in the near future ;)

I think it is time to get to work :D I will make the remaining cubicles.

Thanks again man!

(Not proofread :P)


First of all, thank you sosososososo much for all of the help. You are a true friend, and I appreciate it. Expect a major reward coming your way ;)

The renumbering looks nice, no problem with that. The author thing is fine also, don't really care about that either.

Needs Editions:
What? Half of these numbers aren't present in the pack...

Needs to be rejected:
Same as the editions... some of these numbers aren't in the pack...

General Map Comments (My Honest Opinion about them)
1-I really like this one as a first. It is fun to explore around.Keep.
2-I like the difficulty for a second. Keep
3-I love StreetsAhead. This map is perfect. Keep
4-Unless this was on purpose, the double-doorway is glitched. This map is a bit different then what I aimed for, but it is still pretty cool. That rocket is hard thoughRevise
5-Honestly, I might have to go slightly against your edits on this one. It was nice, but I really wanted this one to be minimalistic. I will replace the drones in the same spots, but to layer them above the gold. You know what I mean.Revise
6-Simple. I like it. Keep
7-No major complaints. Drones need to be layered though. Revise
8-I love this one. I think we have perfected it. Keep
9-This one also was supposed to be minimalistic, although I love your edits. They really add flavor. Layering needs to be done with the drones though, as usual. Also, why is there two gaps in the mine-line? It makes it /very/ cheatable, you can jump past half the trapdoors.Revise
10-This one is OK, but if worse comes to worse we may have to remove it. Revise/Remove
11-Yup. I like this one also, llike you said it is perfect. Keep
12-One of my favorites. Traveleravi work at its best. Keep
13-Like the challenge, but that bottom tunnel annoys me. I say we just put a simple trapdoor, not buried ones. Layering also. Revise
14-Can be fun, but awkward sometimes. Like the other map, if worse comes to worse, we may have to remove it. Revise/Remove
15-Absolutely love it. And I figured it out! :DKeep
16-I like the feel of this one, although that laser adds a lot of trouble. Revise

That is awesome!!!

I can not thank you enough!!!

I will check it out now in-depth. thanks!
Here is one I made that can replace "the world above" if you don't like that one.

It is mainly a puzzle, not parkour.

I actually kind of like this one, it is eccentric but nice.

See what you think. And can't wait for the edits! :D
If something is happening irl, take care of it, do not worry friend ;)
By no means do I want the pack to appear rushed.
I just want to realease my 100th badly. I guess I'll hold it off for a few days at most, but we need to continue to work hard. I think it would be the perfect compliment to my 100th.

Thanks again for your hard work ;)

hmmm... u think?

I don't know, I was hoping to have it released on 100th, but should I just release 100th with the surprise of P&P coming out soon?

4 hours left

lol sry... u must imagine how excited i am for P&P and 100th map :P

hey just wondering

can I see P&P so far? :D sounds annoying, but I can't wait
Thank you so much! Can't wait!


hey zoas

sorry for the rush, I know it has only been a couple days, but do you want to finish up P&P? Every one is asking when I will release my 100, and tbh i really want to map some more.

I understand we left off with a break, that is fine, tell me if you dont feel like working on it and i could correct a map or two and release it.



no problem

I hope everything's going well ;)

part 2

are there any other maps in there u want to replace? or is it good? I cant wait to continue mapping again


with the 2 new maps

uh oh.

we have an infiltrator XD

Anyway probably really stupid idea but I have way more parkour than puzzle in the pack, so I thought maybe we should add some more puzzle maps, and we could use this map, and then the same tileset but the ninja starts somewhere else and we could replace some more low-quality maps with these semi-puzzles:

(kinda inspired by VODKALOVER)

and if there is another bad map we need to replace then:

these are mainly concepts to put in the pack more puzzles, if it is so stupid then just tell me i wont mind.

as always, thanks alot :D

and also:



<~trance> <&trance> man
<~trance> <&trance> i dunno

its ok

sorry I made the mistake, I would be frustrated too if I were you.

And does 8:00 EAST sound good for irc? if I am not on then or it doesn't work, then maybe 9:00 or 10:00?

part 2

wait I think this is the right one, tell me if I am missing something.

And once again, that was an accident dude, I'm not stupid, I wouldn't just ignore all the hard work we have done.

dude CHILL

I just pulled these from the folder of the maps you edit and give me back, but I think I picked the wrong folder. Relax, man, I wouldn't just disregard what you did. I think I put a few of them in the wrong folder. I will try to fix it with the correct edits..

Do you mind starting me off with a tileset o something to replace Parietal:the sequel?


thanks zoas

you are the best! <3
The edits definitely felt smoother, although the laser was a bit too hard imo, except I am pretty bad at n...

And I will try to pastebin all the maps into paste.mappack or whatever. Not sure what you mean exactly, but I get that you want to vie the pack as a whole

Once again thanks
check this out, we can replace one of the bad maps with this one i just made:

hope you enjoy, at least partially ;)
wanna do some more p&p? I really want to start making maps again, after my 100th :D
and I am even more mad. You think I am using you for P&P?!?!?!?!?!?????????????????!!!!!!!I am sick of proving to you that we are friends, if what I do for you isn't enough, then that isn't my problem, it is, honestly, yours. I have dedicated maps to you, hung out with you, rced VODKALOVER, enjoyed greatly the23, and explore around with zoasBE. And you say to me that I ignore you and try to act cool with everyone except you? I don't know what to say man, maybe this is why people got mad at you, no offense, but because you take things the wrong way. Like do you really think you are the only person I can have for P&P? No, as you can see I have many friends. But the day I got the comment from you approving of my idea, I knew you were a great friend that could help me, so I let you playtest. AND now you think I am using you? I have to go to bed now, and I hope to see a response in the morning. This is like one of the only fights I get into, since I try to respect and be friends with evryone. Please respond so i can understand and correct what is bothering you. You are taking things the wrong way. Don't try to make me mad, I get saddened because like I said, I try to be friends with evberyone, including you, bro.

I don;t have time to proofread this. Please, man, don;t let it end like this. Just talk to me about what is going on.
I tried to enable some motions that I did when it was empty

second map:


I like the new map you made... will do some edits soon.

Thanks :D

minor changes

not much.


I will check the edits soon.


You knew the whole time!!! LOL

hey I just realised

that my aim was to release P&P on my 100th map... u wanna do a few? I sent you two the other day. I will do some more, and then do a final check.

ok thanks

and dude. I RCE your the23 maps. I love VODKA. I go through your zoas maps. I irc occasionally with you. What more do you want?

If you don't mind, please don't add all the fancy zoas tile stuff to these two, I feel they should be left aesthetically as they are, make any gameplay changes you want though.