Wasted Trees

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Author Bl3wolf
Tags author:bl3wolf dead featured rated tileset trees useable wasteland
Created 2012-10-25
Last Modified 2012-10-25
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description The result of our idea of humanity.

Pretty proud of this, some time was spent. :) I will use this later, but first of all i want to give you the tiles.

If you use it, credit me with a Link.

This map was featured on 2016-04-27

Tilesets often get overlooked from reviewers, which is somewhat of a shame. I actually found this map by searching 'wasteland' into the search box, as I believe this term is perhaps the best simile to describe Numa's current state of affairs. The level from Bl3wolf is more than just a well-crafted tileset, however, as EddyMataGallos' blistering demo shows. — ska

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cool chicky featured

cool feature

Ooh, nice feature. I love it when people can make such spartan maps; great tiles and still tons of fun.

Here you go.

Cliffs []

I edited some of the tiles to suit gameplay. Enjoy!

Looks very nice.

Gonna use them. :)


Fun tiles :D
Demo Data
I recommend you make a really relaxed map of these tiles. With some cool jumps but not hard or with challenging enemies. You'll get much more attention and fun. Sure. ;)

Looks better

in full view. The Map feels very big ingame. :)