Mawjaw, Spider of the Abyss

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Author BluePretzel
Tags action author:bluepretzel gauss hard mines spookshow unrated
Created 2012-10-27
Last Modified 2012-10-27
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Fairly difficult action map. I don't advise you to jump into its mouth. It has a habit of eating anything that gets in there.
For spookshow. Happy Halloween!

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That chute.

Demo took me an hour. ;_;
Demo Data

That chute.

Demo took me an hour. ;_;
Demo Data

I thought the beginning and middle were mildly difficult. Couldn't get any father xD
It'd take me a long time, and drive me half crazy. I don't exactly enjoy torturing myself over these things.
Despite that, I hope you guys enjoy this. Hopefully it's more challenging than difficult for you.