59-4: Yea, yeach est si esch [Feat. EddyMataGallos]

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe rated uap
Created 2012-10-27
Last Modified 2012-10-27
by 14 people.
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Description Fiftieth Bean, The Last Bean!
A wonderful collab with the great EddyMataGallos, I always dreamed to have a map with him! I am delighted and very proud of this. Thanks Eddy!
The last Bean, really challenging, challenging as hell, like a good column ender, for experienced players, my map 300, and that, bla bla bla...

I think I'm done with this for now, we see with some VODKAs, bye!
Thanks to all for playing!! ;)

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but the pixelated tiles were kind of cool.

2nd mission



It's the first and hope the last time, but these five maps you've provided are impenetrable. I just can't come up with anything on these. If you could give 5 another maps, I could do something else. But this mission... is failed. Sorry :{
but the stuff you gave me is REALLY hard to work with. these maps are really weird and I'm trying my best now :( I'm really sorry for saddening you, man D:

With the forums up,

I will actually have some incentive to complete this project we are working on :)
They are back up!
But I'll send you something for the collab mappack tonight tonight.

it's okay

I'm having christmas holidays soon, so I'll go thru your maps, really! I'm just now having some time-devouring things at school and it makes me tired. and know this: I really hate to be mad at somebody, so it's totally okay, dude. All I need is a little understanding now, as I'm having "I-don't-know-what-is-going-to-happen-tomorrow" thing now. thanks :)


I know it'll sound really bad, but this friday is like a little moment of rest. I thought I'd do everything I got to tomorrow. My episode maps are a way of me relaxing :)


Want to get that idea for a collab mappack a try again?


I guess you'll have to wait till sunday - I had an unexpected disappointing surprise from my chem teacher today and had to spend all the evening on chem. Tomorrow's going to be a tough cookie too, so I'm not expecting to have free time tomorrow. On saturday I'll be able to breathe freely. And now, I'm off to bed, my mana is empty.

P.s. I'll watch the vids later! I need sleep now..


Should I change the title in your opinion?
Title: "163-3: The Journey Progresses -- Chrdrenkmann/zoasBE Reunited!!"

As you may notice, I've done some minor tileset changes to create a good flow.
So, do you think that we should start our reunion collab now? If so I would like to see a cool tileset for zap drones from you. I would work on it later.

I'm so sorry.

What happened yesterday was just wrong.

Human make mistakes. And we both made them. My words were hurtful and your comments weren't the nicest too.
It shouldn't end like this, zoasBE.

I've delisted 163-3 to make another one. And I would like to do a collab with you. A reunion special if you want to call it like that. I know it's weird that I write this shortly after all this bad stuff a few hours ago. But I really want to clear this now. Waiting sucks.

Because I noticed that you don't want this split up as well. It seems like you still like me and that changed my mind. I like you too, man.

If you want to answer this apology message, please write a comment on my old 163-3 map. I know that you have saved this one. Together we can get start a new chapter and turn the NUMA climate back to normal.
I just don't want to have anything to do anymore. Your recent posts make me really mad. You are complaining why I don't RCE your maps and you say that I'm jealous without having any good arguments. I've said to you multiple times that I don't have the time to RCE your maps but want to do so in the future. And now, you haven't anything better do to than bitching around with me on one of Jeremoon's maps. You are 27, dude. Don't act like a child.

Thank you for all your ratings and comments in the past. I appreciate them. But it's over, your behaviour nowadays is not acceptable anymore.


thanks dude :D I was just taking a quick submit here aand saw your feedback! cool. and the lapfox site is sexy. thanks.


how do i get moss column 2?

Happy Birthday


here is what you wanted. Its a little bit different and i think all the gold is possible but im not sure. I didn't try to get all of it because i know you are going to "twist it anyway. Try to keep it looking like this

And if you use this please have the word Gosper somewhere in the title. :)


that's really a good method. I will collect your tips (AND USE THEM, WAHAHA) and after some time you'll be an author of N guidebook!
dead. well then, we can make a file on pastebin and drop a link here, just for people to play. When the forums will get back up again, we'll submit the second column there.


let's submit the second MOSS column, alright?


sorry dude.. can't now.. It's just that I must make my chemistry homework to ensure I have a nice mark in whole semester. :( sorry

I meant

the 10TH column. well, the 10 to 19 episodes. of course, I saw them!!


bear in mind, that reaching 5555 might take me YEARS. Still, that doesn't stop me.


now that's an awesome promise! But still, I will try to the end to reach it! :D I was playing the maps carefully these two days, so today's the day. And I drew my avatar in ms paint, lol.
I kinda try to make these maps accurate and with special gold pattern each :D I also think that your the23 maps might lead me to some inspiration :D gotta check 'em all!


i have to help at home now, so *please* don't get angry at me again. i'll finish it later.


I went through and picked the maps you had still unrated. I do need to go through some of your more popular ones, I saw some things I liked :)

oh sorry

of course, second column! I'm tired now and speak gibberish.. I'd report better if I had more time, dude :( really sorry, I tried to report as soon as I could..


I approve of everything here :D it was a lot of work on these maps and I see we did a good job :) thanks for correcting my dumbass mapping - the maps seem more pleasant now (the ones I posted). also, the maps like Elven Radio and with my objects are really sweet! superb job, zoas! just as you said - pure deep_blue and pure zoas :) I believe we can put up the second episode.
man, you have on heck of a patience. I appreciate that!

I'll play the maps as soon as possible, but it might happen even tomorrow, busy week, you know. Anyway, I will as well report on the maps you specified. Thanks for your report :)


awesome. I'll be waiting :)


you guessed another two right! :D I like this game of guessing :)


no gold at all but k
This map is different somehow ... in a good way
Don't think I'm unthankful just because I don't RCE your maps and read the description for 161-3.


Laser Light Love, ARCHERGIRLHEARTSHOT, and AUTUMNDEATH were all on the odl forums. I beleive oughts has LLL and AGHS saved, but i am afraid AUTUMNDEATH is gone forever. D:

i have never done any of the abocve