Shell Beach: Post-Apocalyptic

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Author 1211
Tags 4 action author:1211 rated retile stepself
Created 2012-10-30
Last Modified 2012-12-05
by 5 people.
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Description Retile of Do you know the way to Shell Beach? [] by stepself.

Playtested by Aidiera and Paradox. Enjoy!

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is really fucking cool.

Death demo.

here you go:
Demo Data

Looks super cool,

plays okay. I know these objects don't really offer another type of gameplay, so I'll just see it as a successful change of scenery.

... is a sub 600 speed run...

...also ive used those tiles that you made me! for this map, i really like the tiles(especially in the thumbnail),i also like the speed run route, although i didnt really like going for an AGD, and the teleporter is definitely cool!...

Demo Data
Also, my best luck for you friend, you family and friends with that hurricane... <3


There are many routes to be taken.
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