Hot Wax Plaza

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Tags author:palemoon curfew featured rated
Created 2012-10-30
Last Modified 2012-10-30
by 5 people.
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Description Believing i was alone, i bought a lamb and olive grinder. The hot grease dribbled down my chin as i walked and ate. it was the most delicious thing i'd ever tasted.

This map was featured on 2013-09-13

A solid structure is a key component of a great map. Hot Wax Plaza showcases this excellently - the player is given numerous options how to play around the map and modify how it flows, creating multiple different possibilities. Smash on king enemy choices to make the most out of that design, and you have one delicious experience. — anco

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im still glad my maps can provoke shitstorms once in a while
how I can write a new review, heh?
probably because mine was laborious... others just give up.
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No hard feelings, sorry if I hurt you :)


I give up. RIP numa.
That should be obvious from the get-go - reviews are subjective by nature.

Hey Ska

I never said that only a select few map deserved features, or that only a select few maps are great - I only said I only think of a select few maps as great. I still hold to to that opinion, and if me having an opinion is a problem to you I suppose we are stuck.

Ofcourse, there is no way I could have played each and every map on nmaps, so maybe some time in the future I'll find other equally potent authors, but to that day I'll strut around here arrogantly liking Palemoon.

this website fuckin' sucks
that just makes your explanation even worse... There are a *plethora* of great authors and plenty of maps deserving of features...


anco = atob?
no offense bro

@Nacho: I did lol, but didn't feel a need to point it out :)
Over 5 years at least.


I love PALEMOON, but anco's excuse was deplorable. You've been here all of 4 months and you go and say something as ignorant as that? I know you were probably exaggerating but wow... lost some respect for you after that comment...

I was joking.

Y u no laugh. ;_;
besides that phrase, I agree with you for the most part. zoas may be correct also although I don't think you meant that comment in an extreme negative way.
Very great feature anyway.
It seems Palemoon makes 90% of the maps I think are great these days. I don't claim that as an objective fact, but rather what I subjectively feel. My taste in maps could be not akin to most modern NUMA'ers, and that is ok. It doesn't devalue any maps.


PALEMOON is my favorite author by far, almost everybody knows it, but I think your statement is rather arrogant and humiliating for other mappers here, also completely uncertain. NachoCheese make great things, as well everyone who commented in this map as example. I think you went pretty far.
But it seems Palemoon makes 90% of the great maps these days.

jk ily and this map

nice gold at exits.. just brilliants <3


it seems I was the first to rate this.. how odd...


the review is a bit nonsensical, then again, PALEMOON's description isn't exactly in this dimension.

anco: "Smash on king enemy choices" huh?

but the map is all class, and that's what really counts - no hate.

here's an agd.
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That laser works really well, and the gold up top and at the bottom is particularly great. Chaingun and drones work very well as well.
This has so much unique gameplay it is just staggering. It looks great too... one of the best I've played of you.
This has so much unique gameplay it is just staggering. It looks great too... one of the best I've played of you.


You like The Flashbulb eh?

holy shit!

This map is tremendous. At first just the way it looks caught me but it plays wonderfully as well. Flag you're terrible at n.
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if there is a route to this i want to see it. i can't figure out how it was intended to be played.