The Melancholy Painter

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Author _destiny^-
Tags author:_destiny^- destiny featured playable puzzle rated vanish
Created 2012-11-02
Last Modified 2012-11-03
by 18 people.
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Description After seeing PALEMOON's entry I decided nobody else really had a chance. Then an idea occurred to me. I fought it the best i could, but in the end it had swallowed me whole. All I can really say is; BRING IT PALEMOON.

This map was featured on 2013-07-21

Vanish [] brought out the best of some mappers, but arguably none more so than destiny, who decided to bodly leap out of his comfort zone of races and action adventures to bring us one of the best puzzles NUMA has ever seen.

You'll probably play this map ten or twelve times before you finally get to grips with it, and then another fifty before you get that wonderful demo you've been after.

I still haven't managed one. Just like the melancholy painter. — ChrisE

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i really like it
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No idea if I did this right.
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in a really long time


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great choice, Chris.


Totally rebellious.

First try

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this is absurdly good
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Really cool map. What a contest, eh?
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I suppose it does seem somewhat unpolished, but it kinda gives the player room to mess around.
In any case, faved

improved. kind of a wacky route.
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found a route without watching anyone's demo. idk if it's the intended one but it worked for me lol. very interesting map.
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haha, no :D

I adore his style, though. and I won't be hiding this - he is one of my biggest inspirations in mapping. people kinda say that I have my own style but yeah.

this is fantastic!

the path to the exit switch is really clever. Bluepretzel's right, the judges for this comp are gonna have a hell of a time :O

Having watched romaniac's demo, I now feel like an idiot.

Great concept

Good lord, I don't envy the judges of this competition...


...sluggish speed run...

...i really enjoy how you have to set up openings to get the exit switch, that was tight...

...but i also agree with fingers...


p.s. thanks for commenting on my map you cool dude you -also this is the first time ive not used these "..." that is all
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This was cool but felt like a concept map still. Like a well presented idea without quite enough excitement/development. But I still it was pretty nice.
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destiny, I love you. you watch demos. get on irc, everyone's on irc tonight for some reason

Under 1000

Some neat ideas here. It took me a while the first time to see how to reach the exit key.
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Very entertaining XD

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If you want to cheat the solution i decided that you must undergo severe facepalming. Watch at your own risk.
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