Schloss Neuschwanstein

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Author Yahoozy
Tags author:yahoozy playable rated vanish
Created 2012-11-03
Last Modified 2012-11-03
by 10 people.
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Description First entry for Vanish, lots of value editing.

It's a bouncy castle.

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since it's pretty short. Maps that are all on bouunce pads are usually pretty shit but this one was fulfilling
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Coolio! Enjoyed it, fun
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wow this is cool!
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first try

interesting map
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it was pretty cool how when going through you just had to trust that the launchpads wouldn't kill ya, there's some really close calls :O also the castle looks baller as hell

My only grievance

is that fucking temperamental launchpad with the single gold above it.
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...i thoght this was cool as fuck and although there is only one path and most demos are going to look the same i still really like this a lot. i think that editing the speed of the trampolines could be used to make some really cool maps and noone really does this... is an AGD lol...


...also check out my latest two maps dude im mapping again!...
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