the great thwump race

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Author ska
Tags author:ska great hard race rated the thwump
Created 2012-11-07
Last Modified 2012-11-07
by 11 people.
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Description The real fun starts when the thwump is woken from its slumber.

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this is tight

great map

Rather fun!

Too hard for me, but I almost had that thwump once!


Haha very clever innov macro ;)
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I found a faster way to collect the gold in the thwump area.
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Really fun map! :D
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Nice one!

This gave me some inspiration to make my latest map. 5aved!


i can't get a decent demo, but a great map all the same.


dude! this is one of my very favourites of you, Perfectly executed.
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You pulled off the thwump mechanic nicely, and the floorguards work well here. It's just a little hard to appeal to the masses though. (Slower AGD on Nreality)


I thought it worked really well, too, and adds a interesting puzzle element to the level...

that first

floor guard is amazing.


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