Bespin Gas

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Author flagmyidol
Tags apts1 author:flagmyidol unrated
Created 2012-11-10
Last Modified 2012-11-10
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Map Data

Description Apt round 1 entry. Theme: cloud city.


There may be shortcuts.

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cool map.
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the world of n looks like its back on its feet. Haha, do you remember the anti-snipes?

oy you

sorry i know... haha ive been busy with school shit and whatnot. We definitely need to catch up though.


I was able to pull up the Featured Maps Queue even after the forums went down and I have the schedule through this paste. [] Firefox, fortunately, remembers your browsing history and I was able to get despite the forums being down. I'm not sure if this was needed, but I feel that it shouldn't be lost and people will not forget their dates.

your end


hahaha cool

i didnt know we had the same birthday. also thanks for editing my profile:D

Excellent map.
get the exit key by taking the inside route, but I didn't make it out.
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still a cool map. it is very difficult indeed

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I should mention that it's extremely difficult.