Darth Caber

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Author mammaletto
Tags action apts1 author:mammaletto laser playable rated rocket
Created 2012-11-10
Last Modified 2012-11-10
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description For Palemoon's Apt contest.
Theme: cloud city

Text from a recent poster ad celebrating cinema in Scotland.
(Luke, I am your father)

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Just to prove mam right.
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I like those lasers.
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for the text. playing now

extremely fun

My name is Luke.


@Night_Fire: consider yourself lucky i deleted the 2nd rocket ;)
I'll give your maps but I'm just getting back into mapping myself so I'm rusty too.

(Here's a beatable AGD)
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I found that really funny :) Oddly amusing map >.< couldn't win though :/ i might have to hone my skills (if i have any) Could you please check out my maps and give me some feedback? I'm trying to get back into N again