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Author NachoCheese
Tags author:nachocheese nreality teaser unrated
Created 2012-11-11
Last Modified 2012-11-11
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Description //NReality!//

Soon to be released.

Have fun everyone!

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I'm pretty sure he means you're supposed to do AGD while leaving the drone in seeker mode.

slow AGD

I'm not sure if this is the intended way to play the top-right part. Could not submit to NReality because the amount of optional gold is not enough to beat even a sloppy first try speedrun. 4/5
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Pretty positive response though. Pushing ahead.


Cool map. though cheatable
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Cookie please

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Speedy Completion

Here I play a completely different way, taking some gold but without using the concept map. I must say that the concept of tile seeker drone and can not wall-jumping is impressive. Well executed, all the gold here is a complete adventure, good job! A pack? A Reality solo adventure? I expect to see great things.

5aved. Demo in NReality.
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...well, this was innovative for sure! if you watch my completion you will realize that at the start of this demo i just realized that you cant jump off the walls lol...

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If you win the map with a seeker drone to finish.