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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day blind chaingun featured ghost rated shell vanish
Created 2012-11-12
Last Modified 2012-11-12
by 18 people.
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Description I just saw Ghost in the Shell, and I had to make this map. It runs fine on my machine, but it may lag on slower computers. Sorry about that.

This map was featured on 2013-05-01

I'm always happy to see new concepts (or at least concepts I haven't seen before) grace the hotmaps page, and this map was no exception.

At first I didn't really understand what was going on and now I just feel a bit stupid. Of course, challenge two is completing this map with your eyes closed.

Enjoy. — ChrisE

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Innovative idea!

Great experimental map.
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ghost in the shell is perfect


Reminds me of

JackPack's maps.

I figured this would be extremely hard and instead it's just fun. Faved, and I guess it'll get my Dronie nom for use of objects or whatever assuming we do those.

Yes and no.



Have I been cheating?
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cool concept. It was confusing looking at a different place to figure out where to stand. Fun though, nice level.

Much faster.

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this is awesome

i like how you're always finding new concepts and ideas when you make maps. this one was great and i like how you put the guide at the top too. 5/5

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Use the top to guide you.
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