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Author mrgy05
Tags action author:mrgy05 challenge darts jumper playable rated
Created 2012-11-12
Last Modified 2012-11-12
by 8 people.
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I rather liked it

Especially how you could drop to the bottom of most of the trenches. That took me a bit to notice. Fun!
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I've made a few before :))
but I found the execution kind of boring. Both visually and in terms of gameplay, I feel like I've played many maps like this before!


...completion and if cleaned up i think this is the speed run route...

...i partially agree with all of them in that its an awesome map but i have to say id rather have sex :P...

...simple and fun 5/5...
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playing a bit more,

Now i think it's harder doing a cool speedrun than an average agd, thing which i even like more.. ;)

Just sex!!

Metanet style map. And episodic with the gold on top. Quite fun. Solid 4.

First time AGD.
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Pretty well executed both ways, and the idea is clever and neat, pretty neat. I really like how the difficulty increases when you choose to dive a bit more to the bottom switches to all gold. Really neat! Also the last room it's just sex! 5