Sky Saw

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Author Tommy_Wiseau
Tags apts1 author:tommy_wiseau dda nonplayable rated
Created 2012-11-15
Last Modified 2012-11-15
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description Here's a cool DDA I was working on for a while. It's fairly short, but I don't think it was good enough to try going for some 3000f monster. I used the enemy layout from my first DDA [] as Tommy_Wiseau, and added a few lasers just for fun.

For palemoon's contest. It sorta fits; the bounceblock usage allows a rather floaty, flightly movement to the whole thing. Not unlike walking on a cloud!

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(just curious)

oh fine,

then I can't get the joke, you can explain me?
skyline356 is sept??

don't you just

hate when you spend a lot of time on a map and it doesn't get any rates or comments?

no wonder my maps never take more than 30 mins. ;D

the section at the bottom right near the end of the DDA was excellent.
Maybe if you joined #music or something we'd be able to talk more about these things.

Yeah Rose

I was listening to that album just now what a surprise coincidence