Two Man Con

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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day chaingun con drones man rated two
Created 2012-11-16
Last Modified 2012-11-22
by 7 people.
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Description grift

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I really like the zap drone pathing. I was so surprised at how high I wall-jumped right near the start that I paused in amazement near the exit switch. And then I did something even more unexpected. And somehow this specific try became my first AGD.
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I think he's in France working on a film right now

Amazing map!!!!

it felt

like i was being plotted against. what gloomp said also.


Simple looking but tricky level.



I crapped myself when the second chaingun appeared.
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First try AGD. Probably wouldn't have lived hadn't I read gloomp's comment beforehand. Fun little map. NR
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And I do not hear anything like 'simply balance is needed' for an answer, please.
I like this aesthetics lines of 1 tiles!
When a map is dense and have some enemies and challenges is frustrating. And when a map is rexaled then, being bland. I really can't understand anything..
/love/ the way the second chaingun is introduced
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But I actually found this easier despite the extra chaingun, and I still don't get those lines of 1-tiles. The zap drones weren't bad, but they needed more help in the form of mines. Dunno, just found this one to be too easy and bland overall. Gotta give a 2 on this one; you've made much better.
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