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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day chaingun collab gold moisture rated skyline
Created 2012-11-18
Last Modified 2012-11-18
by 6 people.
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Description Credit goes to Skyline for (accidentally) making most of the tileset.

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It's important to stay hydrated.
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Exploratory demo

tl;dw the chaingun path is very cool and I will plan my route accordingly next time
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i don't remember

corrupting anything for you :)
also hi
i haven't been to this website in a long time
It was fun, though, and the map looks great. Really cool. Faved.
if you help me with linear algebra 3 i will repay you when both of us are reincarnated in a future life
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positively cool. faved for later.
Fun map. 4aved.
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First go.

I don't like all the gold not being possible :3
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Slow AGD

I liked the map. Loved how the chainguns were used.
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