Raving Rapids

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Author da_guru
Tags action author:da_guru kra playable raveraverave unrated
Created 2012-11-18
Last Modified 2012-11-19
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Map Data

Description Don't kill your follower or you'll be lost. Playtested by trance, thanks for that!
Edit: Removed some unnecessary one-ways.

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to be honest, I always wanted to be a bit like you in mapping :D I always loved your style, kinda organic or somewhat like that. :p

could you get on irc now? we'll collab for subdark! :3

oh damn

sorry dude for not responding... i fell asleep while watching tv, haha. we'll talk tomorrow hopefully!
but this is really cool! especially liked the center flowing area.

there you go

watching this agd may ruin all the fun finding a good route. ;)
Demo Data

looks awesome!

I'll play it tomorrow when i get back from school. :D

i want to see an agd


awesome looking tileset yo

i willf ave this for later :D