17-4 Suds-nation

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Author R3D_N1NJ4
Tags 17-4 2 author:r3d_n1nj4 episodic lsudny rated series
Created 2012-11-20
Last Modified 2013-12-03
by 5 people.
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Description this is a DED to lsudny for looking after my 167 goats while i was away on a business trip in egypt. no just kidding, this is for playing/commenting/rating my maps and giving me inspiration on making tilesets. thanks man, you really earned it!:D phew! this map took ages to make. i started this morning at school when i tried to get the letters right, i finally got them right in period 4 and was nearly finished when i accidentally pressed the 'tab' button and 'q' button at the same time when trying to place a tile, which ofcourse quit out of the game. i didnt save the tileset so far and had to start all over again when i got home, which really pissed me off. after a few hours of re-creating the level, i was all finished and ready to place the objects. this is just another sort-of gold-grabber level, not too difficult but its kinda fun to get the gold and has some race-abillity. im really proud of these tile letters and the gold patterns. makes them kinda look like fireworks. anyway, enjoy and post your demos!

P.S feel free to use the tile-set if you like, just remember to give credit:)

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holy crap

this map is a year old?!
also whoa has it been a year since this map?


Heaps close call with that drone :P
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Dude your tilesets

Are so sexy now I have no words. 5/5 the gameplay was really fun.
Also, your demo had some mistakes in it ;) hahahahaha
Demo Data

thanks guys

glad you liked it.

holy shit

this is one of the most awesome tilesets in the universe. <3

also no problem, i can take care of your goats all the time

awesome tiles

alright game play


would have been a five it was a ded to me ;D

Tileset is very cool.


here is my agd. deffinately can be improved.
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