Chewing bunker

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Author carrotengine
Tags author:carrotengine featured map rated
Created 2012-11-24
Last Modified 2012-11-24
by 12 people.
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Description Hello! it's deep_blue's brother again, forgot the previous account password. so here's a map

This map was featured on 2016-08-24

Take note, folks — this is how you make a there-and-back-again map. An abundance of gold to collect, plenty of nooks to explore, and just enough danger to keep you on your toes. The mines are everywhere, but they're never overbearing; there's many a path to cut through this bunker. Infiltration's never been so fun! — Tempus_Fugit


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wew lad

he's gonna freak out when he returns from summer camp


Nice pick, very enjoyable map.
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Still my favorite of your maps. 5aved.


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...Faster AGD...

...Howdy Carrotengine! deep blue is my guy so that makes you my dude as well lol. nice map! i had fun with this its simple and still challenging to do fast. that being said i think i cheated your map a bit?...

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welcome back! carrot engine is a cool name. xD

Here is AGD

This was awesome and nice map to play. 5/5
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but I forgot the password. that is why i made a new one

Welcome back.

Was your previous account deep_green?