The Vault

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Author WynterBreeze
Tags author:wynterbreeze hard playable unrated
Created 2012-11-26
Last Modified 2012-11-28
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Description Definitely my hardest map so far (not submitted!). You guys liked my first one, so I thought I'd submit another for you!

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See, I saw the thumbnail and thought "Ooh, more mines, a laser drone, this may actually be a bit more lively!". But it plays exactly the same as everything else you've submitted. Take from that what you will.


Awesome map, and welcome to NUMA :D
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Damn, thought this was fast...
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nice map also

liked the gold placement and 'harder' thing. you seem to know how to raise difficulty in a right way. 4


really great mine ladder.
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Thankyou maxson!
If you are curious R3D_N1NJ4, I have been playing N on and off for about two months now, after re-discovering it's 3-year-old file buried on my computer. I've made about twenty or so maps, most of which I don't dare post onto the site xD

sweet map

AGD was fun to do. now we all need to know: how long have you been playing ngame, and when did you start mapping.

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Another great map.
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The general rule is no more than 2 maps on the Hot Maps page at once, and no more than 5 per 24 hours. So you could submit another today, just wait a bit.


Is there a limit to how may maps I can post each day or week? I was going to submit another map later today, but if I can't, then it can wait. I didn't find any rules about it on the site, and none of the forums seem to be up...