Lord of the Flies

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Author WynterBreeze
Tags author:wynterbreeze easy playable rated
Created 2012-11-27
Last Modified 2012-11-28
by 7 people.
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Description Very easy, but I like it. Maybe you will too?

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Also, I approve of your taste in books.
and there are i guess i was right

Sub-300 AGD

Fun map :D
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just a bit overreacting
wasnt expecting girls here


Thankyou everyone, I didn't expect to get this much attention right away. Thanks to everyone who has given advice, it's all appreciated!
It's nice to see the community has a funnybone, too :P

also jeremoon

im a guy too

ive got too say

you are making a great entrance here. also, just to echo what deep_blue said, listen to zoas. he does give great advice. he's the person who helped me a lot and gave me great advice when i first started here. i really love your style, simplistic maps are one of my favorite types of maps. have you thought of doing episodes? you would be pretty good at it. 5/5

i'm a guy... atleast me :D

I made a speedrun

This was maybe bit too easy for me. But speedrunning was fast.
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...This guy...

who the heck is not a girl here?

oh god

the revelations

im confused

I am a travestite too jeremoon :P

I am a girl too jeremoon :P

hey only girl on numa,
i see whats comming

nice stuff

I guess you could do episodes really well. oh, and listen to zoas, he gives worthy advice, hehe :D 4/5, good job.
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Not only your simple style, which it's really polished and cool, if not I really like also small and minor details in your maps, like the objects positions and tiles distribution. Or like, the super cool and recognizable way that you put the exit and its key, always putting it with the key beside and slightly separated, I really like that wink. It's stylish. Another thing that I love it's that sentence you put in your profile, "I will only ever submit levels that I can both complete, and enjoy completing. that's a really, really important thing, many mappers do not understand this, and make the serious mistake of doing just the opposite. I like that mapping philosophy, is the perfect way to make great maps. I've some tips at the very bottom of my profile, and one of them it's just that.

A 5 for this map that have exactly the same title as one from me days ago, strange... :P :P


Generally, new mappers spam their maps with full of objects to feel like making a great map. I prefer enjoyable open-space maps like this.
Keep it up.
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Took me a few goes

But I made it back in under 300 frames.
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I figured out how to record a demo! This is an AGD (I think :P )
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