Hades Do-Sa-Do

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Author above2meters
Tags 0088 author:above2meters nreality unrated
Created 2012-11-27
Last Modified 2012-11-27
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Description 0088 - NReality

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Are these drones ... eh idk ... whats the difference between them and normal drones?


like this concept a lot. i just wish going faster would work... in my demo i do the first part faster than zoas but i have to wait for the drones so it ends up being slower...
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forgot to say, AGD.

Really nice funny drones, I'm looking for mods for my next VODKA session, also I like the way you use the launchpads, as help and as danger.
This run it's pretty close to be maxed at least with this route. 5

Demo in NReality. 188.300
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