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Author WynterBreeze
Tags author:wynterbreeze easy playable unrated
Created 2012-11-28
Last Modified 2012-11-28
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Description The doors look a bit messy, but they get the job done =P

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I don't know how you guys think maps must be, but shit, im a highscorer and im enjoying the hell outta them. I think thats the most important factor, more than style or difficulty. Remember maps are for playing.
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@flag. Aren't you admin around here? Is he actually multi-accounting?
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Your maps are original in their extreme simplicity and lack of difficulty. They don't play by the rules set on numa - they are their own thing, while not being garish or crushing.

That said, feel free to grow, experiment, and continue to make what suits you :)

Actually, I lie.

The floor guard wasn't even remotely challenging, I was just collecting the gold in a derpy fashion.

It's not different.

And it's starting to get tired. That gauss does nothing, it's super lax, and the floorguard wasn't so much challenging and the door concept so much interesting as they were hassling, even for a short map.

Umm... yeah

I can easily say that I have improved since I first tried making levels Jeremoon - I'm just not willing to post any of my, er, 'improving' maps (I don't like most of them anyway). And like I've said before, I only post maps that I like myself, which pretty much means simple and easy ones. Maybe I'll make more complicated maps in the future, I don't know. Also, I am listening to what everyone has to say, and I am taking in what I can.

Wow, I sound really defensive x/

Slow demo.

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jeremoon that is because he is a multiaccounter who thinks he already knows how to make maps etc
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Did i say i mean my suggestions?
I said many. That includes others suggestions aswell

Here we go.

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you did not say that much to help her improve.

Smaller maps are a great way to start out. The left side felt a bit dry, but the floorguard section was fun. 3.5/5^

Crappy speedrun because N and my laptop do not get along:
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what you do is place a drone (zap, laser, chaingun etc) and after you have placed it press 'home' then '~' and it will take you to the main level editor menu. other wise known as the 'debug menu'. go to the text box and at the end of the level data type NaN. this will make the drone not move. you can then load the map from the text box and there you go. hope this helped. just remember that if you want to place more than one NaN'd drone, always type NaN after everyone. also, thanks for the comments and rates. glad you like the maps:D
those tiles were actually inspired by some of kiaoro's maps. you should check them out if you want, they're pretty cool

this seems kinda...

abstract. i like abstract maps. this has some cool raceabillity. gotta love simplicity:D

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it seems like you ignore many suggestions for improvement

All Gold

I like how this one feels - it's different to what I usually make somehow.
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