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Author lsudny
Tags author:lsudny lsudnytileset tileart tileset unrated
Created 2012-11-28
Last Modified 2012-11-28
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looks really cool

might actually use this for one of my maps


And, I forgot to say, I was not angry with you, never! :D
Thanks again!
I'm really excited!!!
That tree is much better that what I expected!! Thank you so much!

Really suds, you're dooing a great job!! I can ask something? If you start to widen from 5 and 6 that are already done (start from here to a little wider) and you begin to add some really twisted branches, as something like a really small one at 4, some other (too small at 5 or 6, you can interleave) and from there, some occasional really crooked branch, but bigger ones. It may be interesting, that you work the branches only to one side of the map, always the same, for example, to the left because that there is still space left (because the tree seems to grow right) I'm talking about the really big and crooked branches, if you want you can add little ones to the right. I hope you can see something like what I imagine.

When I say really twisted branches, I mean something that could make Sunset or Yahoozy, so your best visualize, like tentacles or something, twisted over and over on themselves,,,,,, but always keeping your personal style!! The maps there some examples of smooth and twisted curves where you can get inspiration for the branches, especially the bold one (205081). I'm pretty sure you can imagine that i mean and you can make some wonderful branches..

These two episodes are going to be awesome, you'll see!

Also, you can make the rooms and playable areas inside the tree to maintain your style, from the first one? I hope so.
I know this can be hard work for you, and I'm grateful from the soul with you. But I also know that you like tilesetting, and I want you to get inspired and give your best results, you do not do it for. If you do your best work, I will also do my best, and will be two fabulous episodes.

Thank you very much suds.


sci-fi high-tech-organic mutated snowflake 5G



well, zoas, uhm

I don't really know how to start that thing. I'll try to do something, though. maybe even tonight!

to me, is a portion of a dry autumn leaf fall on the floor hundred times increased through a microscope... :P


deep_blue and me are asking how's that tree going?
Also, that's a superb tileset! 5
Maybe, a whole episode on 3rd MOSS column from your tilesets... ;)

haha, yeah

you can see lots of things in these tiles! :D


also like a building falling apart after a huge explosion. man, this is like that test psychoanalytic gives


that's a cool interpretation. looks more like some sci-fi tech-organic hybrid sort of thing for me, though. :P

cool stuff

looks like a piece of mutated snowflake to me