It's Pretty Dark in Here!

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Author WynterBreeze
Tags author:wynterbreeze chaingun intermediate rated
Created 2012-11-29
Last Modified 2012-11-29
by 5 people.
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Description Okay, so apparently a lot of you guys can't stand my criminally inefficient gauss placement, so I tried something a little different. This level is still pretty easy, but it is different to anything else I've done :)

Oh, and congrats to PALEMOON for 1500 maps! I've only been on numa for a few days, but I've seen enough to know that is a LOT of maps!

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Under 300

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Still improvable.
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interesting route.
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i like this. chain gun was fun to dodge.
hahaha, man i think that chaingun just gave me a haircut

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by me
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But that one is not me.
And my five pushed everyone down. Woot.
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Flat 600.

Better. :)
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All Gold

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