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Author player_03
Tags action author:player_03 nreality playable playermod unrated
Created 2012-11-29
Last Modified 2012-11-29
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Description Multiple easy routes.

No hidden objects.

One NReality mod.

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Sub-500 AGD

Faster is obviously possible. Very entertaining map.
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: )
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I really do have too much to do at the moment.

The thing is, reversing both ground and aerial movement requires *two* mods, and as I said in the description, I only used one. Good thinking, though!
Decided to be smart about this and switch the keys around in the setup, but I got a surprise when it was all the wrong way anyway. It's cool how you have to switch keys on the ground, so it's sort of like a combo and then it feels like you have to actually do things to get places rather than hold one key the entire time. Fav'd for sure.

I'll also have to comment more on other maps so it doesn't look like I'm stalking you or anything like that what.
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drunk n!
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