19-0 Nameless Cells

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Author R3D_N1NJ4
Tags 19-0 2 author:r3d_n1nj4 episodic series unrated
Created 2012-12-01
Last Modified 2013-12-03
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Description final episode of the 10's column. similar to my map 15-0 AeRO [] just upside-down. and no, the tiles are not meant to look like sperm cells.

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Sorry for the wait, yesterday I went to bed without sending the collab to you, because I wanted to get up early and check it again to see if that everything was in order with the map before send it to you, in fact I am in love with this map and not wanted there any mistake and wanted to check it one last time today.

As I said before, this map eventually ended up being awesome for me. I like his extreme simplicity, cleanliness about objects, but also featuring some solid and precise mechanics, I also like its lenght for all the gold, seems a small map but it is not. I like the aesthetics of how objects are arranged, and I hope you can appreciate the little details, I also like the overall aesthetic map referring to the tiles. I like the nod at the top with that chamber that looks like a face.

I added an all gold death demo together to the map, showing only the intensity of the last battle with the rocket when you decide to go for the gold. I have actually an agd but I will not show, just wanted you could see the challenge of that rocket. I have also left a free way to a Speedrun gameplay, I like to do this on the maps, and is otherwise available to play very different maps, and is available to all a very different way to play the maps. I also wish you could see the path of that zap drone, and that's what happens up in the top chamber when you're not going enough fast for all the gold, I like that zap. Overall, the speedrun isn't actually that hard, but going for an agd it's a whole adventure! And I like that.

I think the map is completely finished, if changed, would change his essence. You are within your rights to not like it, if you want you can completely change the overall map, just tell me. I chose a title for it and is: The Four Puppies And yes, are you the one supposed to expand your personal archive, so, I would love to see this map in your file. Really nice collab good friend, I liked your tiles and the simple mechanics sketch. Hope you like it! <3

I'm going just to send to you our collab, just give me a few more minutes.. :D

Hi, I've replied to you in the VODKA map that you can get the Exit door...


Ok, there is no strict way or rules to Collabs, so the people do a map in between and they think it's done then they publish. Actually, I've made many kinds of Collabs, with a partner, a massive with some users, putting some object on some tiles from someone, back and forth collabs (the way it's the most done) is when the people who is collabing send back and forth the map data between they and adding progressively objects or modiffying each one just to when the people collabing thinks it's done. I even make 'timed' collabs just to 5 right minutes with remm in IRC, taking each one very concretes pieces of seconds each time like 80, 90, 120 secs or so each time. Even 'ruled' collabs or basing in very specific things.

That means there is no concrete way to make a Collab Map.
I think you can start with some tiles and send to me in a pastebin please. ;)
A collab with me right now?
If you make a little highscoring map, featuring floorguards in an enclosed tileset (not opened as your usual style) i'll play it harshly and give you some feedback! Also, I've respond to you in the VODKA maps that you have played. ;)

Since you asked


Thanks for noticing! <3


Don't do signatures on your maps. They often are just distracting and, well, dumb. I'm glad this didn't have it, because it is, to the best of my knowledge, the best map you've made yet. You were willing to break from the pattern a little in order to provide cover from the enemies, i.e. better gameplay. And that was the correct choice! In the end you've got a pretty nice-looking map and, most importantly, a fun map. 4/5
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Some times I forget signature too. This was great 4/5 map. Chaigun gave a fun challenge. And... I updated a cool picture to my profile.
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damnit, i keep forgetting to do my signature on my maps. oh well, enjoy:D
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