Throat Point Float

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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day collab float point rated throat yahoozy
Created 2012-12-02
Last Modified 2012-12-02
by 12 people.
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Description Yahoozy + lord_day!!!

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Oh hell yeah let's do it. Our collaborations our the best ones


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Not really getting the popularity of this one. It's cool in the parts where the laser has an open shot and you have to lure it, but more often you were in a narrow space, forcing that annoying trigger-wait-trigger-wait stuff. :/

i am a but nonplussed about the beginning but then again it's kinda ironic? palemoon i think has it on this one.
everything was so awesome.
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i think

the rocket is not necessary, the lasers do enough cool things by themselves. WHO INVITED THE ROCKET >:(


Though that could easily by refuted.
There has never been anything wrong with that.


Damn this takesa a long time. getting a good AGD will be hard
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for being too "linear"

I have no problem with that though. 4
That looks real nice

alright map

nothing really standing out. 3/5
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oh man

this is my best map!!!