Angel Gun

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Author gloomp
Tags angel author:gloomp gun irc-map palemoon script unrated
Created 2012-12-03
Last Modified 2012-12-03
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description IRC map with ReinDeer, scr|ptmas, and jollymoon

<jollymoon> rule # 1 is: you need to make at least 1 room with a chaingun
<noeloomp> gloomp rule a: at least one locked door bonus gold segment
<ReinDeer> Ardee's first rule: you have to use trapdoors in a way that they will make enemies become more threatening when triggered
<scr|ptmas> okay my first rule: no floorguards on anything but the ground
<jollymoon> my rule # 2 : make some section of your map require tricky walljumping
<noeloomp> gloomp rule 2: TRAPDOORS HIDDEN UNDER GOLD THAT MAKES THE MAP IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT because i'm a dick
<ReinDeer> My second rule is this: using tiles , you must make a tree that does not resemble a traditional atob-tree (it should not emulate a christmas tree), yet must look recognizably like a tree.
<scr|ptmas> second rule from moi: clearly identify noeloomp's evil, bad, and wrong trapdoor using some sort of visual code

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we had similar ideas with 5 tiles, too! it's fun but totally weird. like a gloomp map!