The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress

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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day chaingun harsh mistress moon rated scifi
Created 2012-12-06
Last Modified 2012-12-07
by 11 people.
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Description Sorry I meant chaingun. The chaingun is a harsh mistress.

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welcome back.. well to commenting on numa again =) Are you still at Oxford? I'm in London, not that I really want to be in London

5aved, you know why <3


terrific tileset, it would have been interesting with 6 tunnels that you could launch out of.

slow agd. those tiles are really awesome. like, wow. simplistic and effective.
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yeah it's kinda cool how the drones/chain made it really hard for you in places if you took too long. I wasn't as big on that floating platform on the way back, but it was still cool.
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tiles look like little laser explosions

Brilliant chain, love the spiky tile structure, 4aved.

Bit faster

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I didn't mind the chaingun.
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Tough map. Nice atmosphere.


I donĀ“t think this was so hard... This was still bit challengeful and chaingun drone made this fun to play. 4/5
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It would have been better with, like a guass.

when I first watched lord days demo I thought it was mine untill the end


AGD on n-reality
really great map!

It is

harder than it looks, that chaingun is good

Slow all gold.

Slightly harder than it initially looks.
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