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Author Xeronic
Tags action author:xeronic dovahkiin dragonborn dragons rated skyrim
Created 2012-12-07
Last Modified 2012-12-07
by 7 people.
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Description I used to be a mapper like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.


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This is great!
Also, a belated welcome (back?) to you!
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Hell, I have my history of that. I just want to know who it is is really the thing.

have fun here :D


Have fun!

Oh sunset

The multiaccounting accusations /will/ come, but I don't really let it affect my opinions of the map. After all, while the pointless intent to deceive is present in multiaccounting, the fact that it will achieve nothing but embarrassment on the mapper's part makes me content. :)

Map's fun. 4


you already know Traveleravi

welcome to NUMA

very cool map. i can easily tell you have had lots of experience in mapping. hope to see some some more maps from you:D

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...Sub 500 speed run...
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...first try completion...

...howdy im Xerces. i hope you stick around because there arent enough people here with a "X" starting name :P so i already like you bro lol...

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good job. Welcome to numa.

Tiles are pretty cool. Nice work!
Oh, and welcome to numa :)