19-1 The Four Puppies

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Author R3D_N1NJ4
Tags 19-1 2 author:r3d_n1nj4 collab rated series zoasbe
Created 2012-12-07
Last Modified 2013-12-03
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description a collab map with the always awesome zoasBE. sorry i havent made a map i like a week. i was pretty busy. but here you go. hope you like this map. i really do

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hahaha, cool!!!

I see you put me in your fav list in your profile, and in top!
Wow, thanks, pretty nice words and extense description. Thank you.

Please, you can write in addition a couple of words about my mapping style there? Thank you again.

Also, how's going that 'RE' project you wanted to make with me?

Fuck, Ors!!!

Actually there is the pastebin with the map data for this map that I had send to RedNinja!!! What??
Are these data to me, Ors? Or to RedNinja?


Would you like to collab? It's one of my favorite pasttimes.

Only a bit faster

Demo Data

Yes I know.
I know that you need timing perfectly that chaingun to are able to get out of that chamber alive. Same thing happens to me, if you see my run, you can notice that I wait just a bit in the e-tile to wait for the chaingun go down. Sorry if I have say that, but that thing with the single gold looks ugly and ruins a bit the awesome look of the whole run.

Watching again your run, I must say that you really impressed me, I really love the first half, it's just sex! Specially the first corridor and the following ones. Wow! Hope i can see that perfect run... ;)


But that wasn't really a mistake in the top chamber. The chaingun had to see me or otherwise it would kill me when going out.
I'll try to improve my run. ;)

Wow macrohenry!!

You are an awesome Ninja!
Really nice route change, and really well made some of the movements, but it is unfortunate that there are some small mistakes, like that single gold you miss in the top chamber and you're forced to go back for it, and the end that you still can clean up a bit and be a lot faster, only doing one single jump in that last tile.

macro, I want to see the perfect run in this map, and you're the one able to do that. So, please do it man! You beat me :P but you know, I love you!


I really enjoyed this map! 5!
Demo Data


Also, here's the AGD, nobody is going to beat me?

Demo in Nreality. 142.500
Demo Data


Finally I did it! That was hard. But I have finally been quite satisfied.
It has been a challenge for me, I have made /many/ attempts, it was really difficult to get that jump from the bounce to the upper platform without hitting the corner. I've been over an hour for two fucking frames in different batches of play, that two frames have been two of the most fucking challenging frames of N of my playing career. In the end I took them. Possibly a couple of frames are still left, but I'm done. And I'm happy now. :D

Demo in NReality Speedrun Boards.
Demo Data

No problem ZoasBE

I kind of thought it was on purpose, but not sure. Anyway, it did make me think differently and the map was still great :D.

fast and nice

like a quickie

*I mean that you can go throught the one-ways since the gold delay and this it's just the obstacle I wanted.
Just the one-ways thing at begining was made totally on purpose, it's something like another 'unusual' challenge/obstacle which forces you to play different as always, you in a normal gameplay you just jump to hit the one-ways and go faster, not here and that was what I wanted, so I put the mines there. Glad you liked it.

Fun Map

Really liked the floor-guard obstacles. Some bits were a bit annoying (such as going through the one-ways at the start due to the gold) but it was mostly great. 4/5 :D

nice zoas

heres my speedrun. not the fastest, but, still kinda fast.
Demo Data

An Sparta Speedrun!

Ok, I was able to carry out a route change and further improve the previous one. Improving again and again, got 330, 324, 313, 309, and many others, the end 300: Sparta, so sub300 is quite possible.
Demo Data

Faster SR

Route 2.
Pretty fast, I was able to cut more than 150 frames of yours Ors. Demo in NReality Speedrun Boards.
Demo Data


Route 1.
Demo Data

oh well

hahaha you still got all the gold:D
but maybe some other day, because today I shouldn´t even use computer. I must go before my brother wakes up. btw. I liked this very much. Floor quard obstacles were awesome. AGD was bit too hard to me but made speedrun.

lol ORS!

yes, something like this.. :P
You want to make a Collab with me? Also, have you liked it?
Do you post map 1.0 to zoas when he posts 1.1 to you until there is map 1.2.3?
Demo Data

man, isn't an agd, it's a death demo, and it was for just you to see.. LOL

zoasBE's AGDD

Demo Data