A Gear.

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Author the23
Tags author:the23 unrated z230083
Created 2012-12-07
Last Modified 2012-12-07
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Description All the credits goes to ZTHING.
Also, I think I should also mention PALEMOON for those rockets.

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sub-100 possible?

Those words, Jere.

what words

Oh sorry I got excited and misspeled your words... :P

Ah I see, so I was just screwing the route haha. Anyway, still not sub-100
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oh well :)


got it
Demo Data

im as fast as zoas
for now

Totally possible.
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Fun map, sub-100 possible?
Lets see if Raif checks this map haha.
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i dont think it can go any faster
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Demo Data

A demo.

Demo Data

pretty short map